Hello Beautiful Light-Filled Souls!

Thanks for your interest in the Third Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit. My name is Tricia Barker, and I'll be announcing the date and speakers soon!! This year's focus is on transformative energy shifts, angels, and unconditional love.


The idea originated in heaven.....

Before I started The First Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit, I was guided to bring more heaven to earth. 

I hoped to create a community based on caring, comfort, compassion, and bit of comedy. Not everything in heaven has to be serious. In fact one of my messages while in heaven was to be like a little child. 

It is possible to seek joy and also learn soul lessons. My gifts are teaching, pioneering ideas, creating safe, heart-centered communities, and supporting others on their soul journeys.

What healing and transformation do you long to experience in your life? The revolutionary speakers at this summit will be focused on supporting you on your journey to self-actualization and love.

Now, more than ever, you might be questioning if you are on the right path and long to see more spiritual unity and unconditional love in our world.

This vision does not have to stay a vision. The actualization starts with creating loving communities focused on healing and inspiration. It starts with realizing that love is all that matters and all that we take with us.

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